Summer Fun List

June 16th, 2011 in Crafts, family, Friday: Play!

My husband has been really sick…more like terribly ill. I have only seen him like this one other time when we were engaged. Poor guy. For over a week the girls and I have been trying to avoid the house so he can rest and we can stay away from sickies. One day we just went to the theatre hoping there was something playing that we could all watch. Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer was playing and I thought I would rather just sit and stare at a blank screen than watch that. But it looked like a “cool big girl show.” We bought tickets to see it.

First off, it was an AWESOME movie. How silly was I? Second, it had my girls talking about how they “SO could NOT have a Bummer Summer” and that they need to make a list.

So WE DID, and it is a pretty awesome list at that:

Collect Sea Glass, Have a Campfire, Go to Salt Lake, Take Daddy to Get the Famous Meatball Sub, Visit California, Have an Art Group, Make Zoku Popsicles, Stick Our Hand in a Waterfall, Make Ice Cream, Go Creek Walking, Visit Logan, Get Feathers in Our hair, See Fireworks, Have a Tea Party in the Woods, Go on a Hike with Stuffed Animals, Become Better at Reading, Work on Bike-riding, Glitter Toes, Go to a Parade, Visit the Cows, Watch a Movie Outside, Dance Crazy at Laura’s Wedding, Antelope island, Go Boating or Waverunning, Flea Market, Throw Laura a Party, Visit Gardens, Spot Roly Polies, Drink Slushies, Go Canoeing or Rafting, Get Ready for Surfing in Costa Rica, Go to Boondocks, See a Movie with Our Uncles, Lemonade Stand, Host a Going to Kindergarten Bash, Meet New Cousins, Go Swimming, Dance in the Waves, Body Surfing and Get our Pictures Taken.

See? Totally not a Bummer Summer. Thanks, Judy Moody.

P.S. I really enjoyed this article on Getting Organized for an Intentional Summer. Read it here.

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