Summer Fun List BE GONE

June 5th, 2012 in About Me, Crafts

No not really BE GONE, but last year our experience with our Summer Fun List wasn’t all positive.

Helped us to have tons of fun as a family? CHECK

Helped us do new things we wouldn’t have before? CHECK

Made for spoiled, whiny kids? CHECK

Made me want to tear the whole thing into teeny tiny pieces by August? CHECK

Kind of made the kids entitled? CHECK

So, I needed to re-think things. And I suddenly realized we were focusing all on having FUN as a family (which is great) but not teaching them how to work, work as a family, gain satisfaction for completing a nice work project together.

This year I asked the girls to make me a list of all the FUN things they wanted to do during the summer *AND* the work projects they think would be “fun” to do together as well. Then we made a calendar that included: fun projects, work projects, learning projects, time for exercise, summer camps, relaxing time, etc.

It has been wonderful, every Sunday we sit down and plan the week, then every morning they look at the calendar so we haven’t had a day….YET…where the kids are whining about us not doing anything. Every morning they look at the calendar and know! Although it’s only June…so…

You know what I DO what to do sometime this summer to display our fun list? Copy-cat this Summer Fun List with the things we have done, plan on doing, etc. So it can be a little keepsake of our summer, I think it is so cute:

From Pink & Green Mama Blog (I just found the blog, it’s adorable, I am going to go back through it and pin some of her fun ideas.)

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