Summer 2014 Part 4 & Final

September 2nd, 2014 in About Me

Our summer always ends with the same event, well at least for the past five years it has. The Sheepdog Festival at Solider Hollow. We always go and watch the same shows with the girls. That include cool dog tricks, dogs jumping into water, dogs herding sheep, wild animals, etc. We always enjoy the cooler air and dream about how we want to live in that area one day.

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Before the last day of our summer we did a few other things here and there. Tyler’s parents came back from their wonderful year in Detroit on their mission. It was so fun to hear about their year and see how they were in person. The girls sure do love spending time with them when they come. I think their favorite thing to do with them is to just talk and hold hands with them.

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The newest member of the family was blessed when they were here. Look at the fabulous cousin picture we got! haha

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We went to fun breakfasts with Daddy, played at parks with friends, were brave and did two more hikes. I could only fit in one night of the Timp Story Festival (man I wish I could make it to the whole thing). I need to come back and tell you about two new storytellers we discovered, you’ll love them. The girls had fun going with their sweet grandparents.

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What else….oh the lemonade stand. I always tell the girls they can do one lemonade stand during the summer. I put it off as long as I can. I don’t mind making drinks and treats with my girls. It’s just the standing out there and selling it, I am not a fan! But they had a lot of fun. Abby, Cameron, and Shae each picked a flavor of cake cookies to make. I hadn’t had those things in forever and they are so easy to make.




The annual back to school fashion show is always something the girls get excited for. When I pulled out their new fall clothes they politely ask me, “Uh mom, where is the color?” I have no idea why I bought such gray/white/black clothes this year! Oh well.






This past weekend we also ended summer with our third annual customer appreciation night. Tyler always does a movie in the park, and this year it was 3 Amigos. The girls passed out promptly in the car after the movie.

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I have one quick thing I wanted to mention lastly. If you live in Utah, have you heard of the Pop Shop that opened in Riverton? ┬áIt’s a cute shop that is perfect for a morning smoothie, morning energy soda fix, after school snack, birthday treat, cheer someone up delivery, date night, girls night out, meeting for book club, yadda yadda. The other thing I really like about them is their menu is SMART! It has things for breakfast, food for a quick lunch/dinner, sodas, amazing cookies, milkshakes, etc. AND they have things for the cold weather and warm weather. In the winter you’ll have to go for different hot cocoas and warm breakfast waffles.

You can always fan them on facebook so you can learn more about them. We have needed a place like this!

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  • sarah
    September 2nd, 2014 at 7:01 am

    Oh man that pic of shay asleep mouth open ring of chocolate and sunglasses on…..priceless