Summer 2014 Part 3

August 14th, 2014 in About Me

I really want to be a hiking family. I really want to feel strong, not be skinny, not to make my body look like it has never had kids, I just want to feel stronger. Man these kids keep me busy, this year I really wanted to be a hiking family. For our first hike if it had not been for my sister and brother in law I would have given up and gone back down the mountain. But we did Scout Falls. I also started sliding down the side of the mountain with Reagan hooked onto the front of me. True story. The second hike we went to, the girls just wanted to play. I felt so frustrated and was snapping at them to GET A MOVE ON. Then I realized we were all miserable and gave up. I sat on a log in a field and I kid you not, the girls played in that field for two full hours. It was wonderful. For our last hike (yes it was hard, and yes I decided it is our last one for this season) I had a group of oriental tourists help us up and down the hike. You know…what do you want from me? They were worried about me. I had 3 little old ladies, 2 little old men, and their two daughters offer to help. So I said yes yes yes. It was a wonderful hike and fun getting to know new people. But I do not think this was the year for us to become a hiking family. I SHALL TRY AGAIN!


One of those pictures is of Tyler jumping off a bridge. Which was NOT his idea like everyone thought when I posted it. During date night I was telling Tyler that I really one day was to check bridge jumping off my list. And he told me of his old days jumping off bridges in his birthday suit. So one night for date night (date nights also have been a favorite part of my summer) we went on a hike. At the end of the hike I noticed some people jumping off the other side of a damn into the lake. I wanted to do it! I did not want to climb the locked gates over the water. But I did it. Tyler didn’t think I was really going to jump in, but I did! And it was so much fun! Summer was full of a lot of great date nights.

Summer was also full of lots of yummy treats. I forgot I had given them this blue ice cream. On the next day when they went #2 I just about died and took them to instacare. But then I remembered the blue ice cream. Gross.


Summer was full of visitors from Seattle, some of my favorite people in the world. I loved how my kids were so taken with them and really bonded with them right away. Family is important.


I went to a couple concerts this summer. One with my love Emily to see Neon Trees. Oh my do they put on a good show. And oh my was I a tired woman the day after. I went to a hip hop concert on the Rooftop with my brothers. We were having so much fun and I was screaming to loud, and jumping so much, and dancing SO FANTASTICALLY. That I might have had a wee bit of an accident. Listen, I’ve had four kids, its ok. Courtney, thank you, I loved that night.


Summer has been spent with weekly visits to see my nephew Rex and lovin on him. The days have been spent doing some Yoga. The days have been spent getting to know sweet women at girls camp and getting together with friends. Summer has been full of cookies bake offs and cookie wars. Summer has been spent doing swimming lessons and attending Art Festivals. Summer has been great.


Lastly, my husband worked his butt off this summer. This has been a very busy, business growing, super stressful summer. I am so thankful to my husband and his hard work. He is wonderful. HE ALSO NEEDS A BREAK.

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  • Emily
    August 14th, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Holy cow, woman! What a summer! I love that you jumped off a bridge. That totally surprised me and now I love you even more. Also? NEON TREES. Amen.