Summer 2014 Part 1

August 12th, 2014 in About Me


Hey guess what, that isn’t my yard. It’s the yard of the neighbor’s two doors down. Its amazing, my yard is borderline trashy. So where do we pose for pictures? Someone else’s yard. No shame in that friends!

So, summer, summer, summer. This summer I wanted to start feeling emotionally better. And with some help, I have. hallelujah! The girls were in year round school and so a lot of there summer didn’t feel like summer because they were in school. But I snapped a picture on their last days. Cameron had an end of year program for kindergarten where they sang songs. Lots of songs, and we all danced at the end. Abby looks so grown up, cut it out Abby.


A highlight of the summer was sewing lessons from grandma. So far they have made pj pants, clothes for their American Girl dolls, sleeping bags for their American Girl dolls, little patchwork blankets, snakes, and pillowcases. Sewing I think is something Abby could really love. It must skip a generation because sewing makes me say very bad words and throw things.



Summer has also been spent doing things with grandparents and uncles around town. Fishing with grandpa, I remember doing that, it is a special sweet thing.


Summer has also been full of THIS CHILD GETTING INTO TROUBLE. But then she at the same time is just the most fun sweetest thing. She just has the best personality in the world. I mean look below she SHARES cups of water with Rocco! She takes a drink, sits it down, he takes a drink, then she does. If only she could stop screaming, pushing, and biting people at nursery and do the same.



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  • Emily
    August 14th, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    Does your mom want to come give Lauren and Livi sewing lessons? 😉