Such Fun that Ended in Tears

December 3rd, 2009 in About Me, Life

We spent two whole hours the other day jumping into oceans of pillows off of the couch.

The girls tried to do this when their Daddy was home, and I
acted just as appalled as he was! The nerve of those
cute kiddos. Such cute little terrors.

It was pure joy blasting NewFoundGlory (from 8 years ago, mind you- not their albums now), then running in a huge circle to gain momentum and finally jumping onto the couch and into the sea of pillows.

At one point we all pulled out our ponytails and pigtails so our hair could become quite awesome.

The screams of delight mixed with the chanting of the current jumper’s name to “DO TRICKS” got things a little out of control.

ONE of us took it too far.

This person thought it was not enough to run for momentum and jump off a not so stable couch while screaming at the top of her lungs. She thought jumping full force 5-6 times up as high as she could go and THEN jumping into the sea of pillows would be a good idea.

And then….the tears. The couch slipped from under her. On the way down her leg scratched against the wood, tearing off all the skin and bending a toe back.

She cried. The two other culprits attended to her wide-eyed and kissed everything all better. The dogs joined in too.

It was me, Vanessa, the mother, the one in charge.

But it was worth it.



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