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October 17th, 2011 in About Me

So I went a little overboard. I had a bit too much fun. Abby and I might have gotten carried away at the craft store. WHATEVER. It’s beautiful, and Abby was so proud to carry it into school.

I went in to the class to present her poster, talk about her and read her favorite book. The girl was in HEAVEN, and then I decided that if I am having fun and the girls are having fun, it’s ok to go overboard once in a while.

These are the special things about my oldest girlie that we included in her poster:

  • Oldest of 3 girls, loves her daddy & was 9lbs 15 ounces (ha-uge) when born.
  • Loves her pets; her chickens, turtles and dogs.
  • Has an amazing imagination.
  • Likes to plan parties, do crafts and cook.
  • Loves learning (especially science camp), reading and writing.
  • Likes traveling to fun places like Panama.
  • She is a good friend and a good cousin.
  • Abby is in dance, karate and theatre.
Another part of her special day was that the class got to raise their hands to ask Abby a question, and Abby could call on them. Every question went like this, “Do you think I can come to your house to play with your chickens?”
Hee hee. Hey, not every kid has chickens for a pet!

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