Stuck in a Snow-Globe! Craft

January 25th, 2012 in Crafts

I loved the idea of this craft, and the girls and I also learned a good lesson. Follow directions carefully! We were lazy with what “snow” we put in the globe and it created a muggy hot mess in the end.

We semi-followed the directions for the DYI: Photo Snowglobes over at Design Mom. We used larger bottles, which I am sure is fine, but we just put in regular craft glitter thinking it would be ok. Ha! You really do need to follow her directions correctly.

I still am proud of how we decided to do the pictures on the inside. I had the girls put on some of their snow gear and make a face like they were “TRAPPED” in the snowglobe. The girls wanted to include their favorite “lovie” in the photo as well.

Maybe we will just stick to the actual snow!

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