March 16th, 2009 in About Me

There is something about spring that makes people want to buy puppies :) Seriously it is true, there are about 18 puppies that were born a few weeks ago just on my street alone.

So for my own sanity, if you are one of the families who has done this, I am going to selfishly help you out.

I cannot deal with another dog roaming the neighborhood, another dog relieving himself on my lawn, another dog biting me on my runs, another dog loose terrifying my children or another dog biting one of my dogs while I try to walk them.

Puppies are fun, puppies are great but please have proper dog ettiqute and train your dog.

My husband has a wonderful, affordable, knowleadgable e-book to purchase to help you out. Ty also has free dog training videos and articles to help you out.

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