Spooooky Halloween Music & Giveaway for YOU

October 20th, 2010 in Giveaways, party time

Well somehow I have raised girls that are obsessed with Halloween.  Sure, it’s a fun holiday and I like celebrating it but it isn’t one of my favorites.  But for THEM, it is!

How many times a day do you think I listen to Monster Mash?  Just take a wild guess!

That will be why we are starting Christmas music November 1st because, listen guys, this mom can’t listen to Monster Mash again.

You know what song the girls have been learning to dance to for the Halloween party at their dance academy? “Which Witch is Which?” by Mickey Mouse.

Oh, it is CUTE!

Another CD we were sent in the mail to check out was…

…and it quickly became a hit!

Perfect for the Halloween season, for a Halloween party or to play during Trick or Treating time. The songs all sound different and the arrangements are unique and funky. It isn’t so spooky that little kids would be scared.  It is really fun music. Not the same old…you know MONSTER MASH you have listened to over and over. You can listen to some of the soundtracks and buy it online here.

WANT TO WIN THE CD and I will hurry and get it to you by Halloween?  That means I will pick a winner by Friday morning (9am) and run to the post office that morning!

Just comment to enter!

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