Spanish Tortilla Recipe

This Spanish Tortilla Recipe could also be titled, “I have used all my food budget for the month and I have no idea what to make” or “Something fast, healthy, easy and that no one will whine about.” Either way it’s good and my husband makes it for me. I have to admit, I have yet to make it myself because why would I when he can and will? So I sat down and took notes and pictures while he made it last week.

*After a couple of questions…no, there is not an actual “tortilla” in this recipe*

Spanish Tortilla Recipe


A note about the ingredients. This is just for a very basic Spanish tortilla. If you have a red pepper, put it in! Want to try a different meat or no meat at all? Yes, you may. You can play around with this recipe!

7-8 Eggs

1/3-1/2 cup of milk

1-2 handfuls of shredded cheese

1-2 slices of thick ham, cubed

2-3 potatoes, cubed

Vegetable Oil

Seasonings (garlic, pepper, salt, old bay seasoning, any herbs, anything at all you feel like)


1. Cook potatoes in enough vegetable oil to cover the pot and a bit of the potatoes until potatoes are almost done.  While waiting for this, make your egg mixture (seasonings, cheese, eggs and milk). Whisk it well and have it ready to go!

2. Turn heat down, drain out oil and let pan cool down a bit so the eggs can cook slow and even. Now add in your egg mixture.

3. Add ham and cover your pan with a lid.

4. Softly (softly, so you don’t make scrambled eggs), move egg mixture around so it cooks evenly.

5. When you feel like it is done on the sides and bottom, here comes the tricky part! Get a plate out and flip the pan over to the put the Spanish Tortilla on the plate. Then slide the Spanish tortilla off the plate and back into the pan so the other side can cook.

6. Voila (yes that last step is the tricky one!). It is good warm or cold. You can make it ahead of time for breakfast. My husband and kids like it with mayo because they think they are Eurpoean or something over here at my house.


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