Sound of Music 50th Anniversary

Who loves the Sound of Music?

I do, I do,  I DO!

My grandmother taught my sisters and I to love old movies.  We would all gather on her bed and watch them when we went for a visit.

My baby girl Cameron was born already knowing My Favorite Things, Edelweiss and Do Re Mi.  I would sing them to Abby, my other baby at the time, while Cameron was in my tummy and I could tell they were different from other songs I would sing.  She knew these.

So as you can tell, The Sound of Music has a soft spot with me. I haven’t watched the movie with my girls yet.  Maybe I will wait until they are just a bit older.  I want to them to love it as much as I do!

We do, however, adore the soundtrack.  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Broadway premiere of The Sound of Music, they restored the original cast recording in a new edition that features three unusual bonus tracks. Oh my, is the soundtrack delightful.  We have listened to it over and over and over.  Just fantastic.

They also released a children’s book to celebrate the Sound of Music’s 50th Anniversary.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The book is very interactive and transports all three of us to the lush green hills of the von Trapps’ Austria. It is a special book in my home.  It sits on top of a high shelf in my bedroom and we get it out to read a few times a week.

Because it’s a pop up book. I know. I always ask myself why they even make pop up books anymore.  Even though we only bring it down to read with Mom and we are all very careful, it is going to be ruined fast!

But I have to say not this one.  Boy, you can tell they put a lot of time into the “architecture…” “set up…” “having a hard time thinking of the right word” of this pop up book. It is a solid book! And full of hidden surprises- we find one every time we read it! It’s because it was made by an award winning “paper engineer.” I kid you not, and you can tell!

We loved participating in the Sound of Music’s 50th Anniversary.  I really truly do love this movie, soundtrack and books.  So do my girls. What a great way to introduce this classic movie to your family.

And now, for you to celebrate right now….Enjoy.

Full Disclosure: I received the soundtrack and Pop up book for free, although I don’t blog about everything I get for free-only those I find that we all approve of and love.

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