Sorry Dogs, I Do Love You

February 17th, 2011 in About Me

At this point in all of my pregnancies I become unbelievably annoyed with my dogs. I am married to a dog trainer so they are awesome dogs. But unfortunately just looking at them, listening to them lick or having to simply FEED them gets on my nerves at this point in the game. My poor Rottweiler, Rocco, just breathes heavy and I am telling him to zip it and go into another room. Honey, our poor mixed dog, gets VERY worried about me towards the end of my pregnancy and follows me all around the house, only to get snapped at. Her following me around and my belly not allowing for the best…visuals…causes me to trip. Then she gets snapped at and sent in another room.

Poor dogs.  I needed to selfishly write this post to remind myself that I do, in fact, love my dogs. Remember how I posted about our new puppy Crash? Look at how big he is now at 8 months! He has such a good personality and is naturally such a sweetheart with the girls.

Dogs, I am sorry and I do love you.

On a different note, check out these two dogs my husband is training at the moment. I still have yet to decide on Bulldogs.

Cute or Not?

Also, I do need to put in this plug…if you are like *ME* and cannot stand your dog at the end of your pregnancy, don’t think about giving it away. Get over yourself, suck it up and don’t you dare take it to the pound. In lots of places, euthanizing is up 75% and you are dumping your dog to an almost certain death.


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