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December 18th, 2010 in Children Product Reviews

Last year Sorel Footwear sent the whole family some new shoesand we quickly were sold for life. Boy, are they high quality, cute and warm. I tell my husband, “IT FEELS LIKE THE BOOT IS HUGGING ME!!” Very nice for my swollen preggo legs.

So this year they sent two more pairs of boots. One went to Abby and the other pair to my sister Becca.

Let us show them off so we can convert you to being Sorel customers for life as well. Let’s hear from Becca:

I am a bit of a purple fanatic.  The stone in my wedding ring is not a diamond, but an amethyst.  My bedroom (that I also share with my accommodating husband) is painted purple.  My daughter’s name has some purple meaning…no it’s not Purple or Lavender or anything obvious like that.  Her name is Lydia, a name my husband and I LOVE, but which also happens to be the same as Lydia in the New Testament, who was a seller of purple.  (I’d like to THINK that little purple detail held no influence in my naming decision, but I really can’t be sure.)

So when Vanessa asked if I would like to review the Sorel Firenzy Suede Crushed Berry/Voltage boots, of course I said yes!
Besides being purple and lovely, these boots are so incredibly comfortable.  Like walking barefoot in the sand comfortable, if that’s your thing.  If that’s not your thing, then think of your thing and that’s what these boots are.

They keep my feet and legs warm and they are great for walking, which is something I desperately need.  I do as many errands by foot as I possibly can but in the winter, I often end up driving to the bank that is only a quarter mile from my house because I have no great winter shoes.  Most of my boots have heels and my other shoes are tractionless flats, which do not work well in freezing temperatures, ice or snow.  (Especially for a klutz like me who is prone to falling even in the best weather.)  I do have tennis shoes, but they just aren’t cute.

So I love that now I can just slide on these awesome boots, no matter the weather outside, and hike on down to the bank or post office, smiling all the way because my footsies are comfortable, happy, and warm.

And since the boots are purple, wearing them is a special treat.  I can’t wear them every day because they certainly won’t go with everything.  So each time I DO get to wear them, it’s a little addition of fun to my day!
Now Abby:
My new boots are cool. They don’t get wet and yucky from playing in the snow like my little sister’s boots. I wear these to Karate and I can get them off and back on all by myself. All my teachers tell me they love my boots. I LOVE MY BOOTS!

YOU can check out Sorel’s 2011 Footwear Line here:

Come on. Browse around. They are beautiful.

Disclaimer: Sorel sends us shoes for free to review.

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