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September 19th, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

Last week it was Christmas at my house.  We really were that excited and it was funny because my husband was the most excited. You can see what pairs each of us received and our first impressions in this fun video:

Sorel Footwear was nice enough to let the whole family pick out a pair of shoes from their new fall line to send us in the mail. I had no idea that Sorel was so modern and fresh! Unique, fun designs made with such high quality. What could be more perfect. So in everyone’s words, here are our “official reviews” of our shoes from Sorel Footwear.

Fairbanks Boot

Tyler: When browsing the catalog I immediately knew which pair I wanted to receive (picture above). I am in and out of clients’ homes constantly and need a pair of shoes that still look nice but that can easily slip on and off. When training dogs I spend a lot of time outside, and with Utah’s cold winters I need something to protect my feet. I also go through shoes FAST and wanted something that would last me a nice amount of time. Everything I wanted is in this shoe. I will be wearing this brand and this style for as long as they sell it.


Abby: The boots are soft and comfy, really soft like pillow. I like the pink. I like the clouds and the rain. Mom let us go jump in mud and she wasn’t mad because she washed it right off. I love these boots.

Honnah Boot

Vanessa: I wanted a boot that was, first off, wide enough for my legs so it was comfortable for me. Something that didn’t have a heel.  I am tall enough and don’t find heels comfortable in the slightest. I wanted something that would make me feel cute during the day when running around with the kids, that was functional, but that I could also wear out at night with friends and feel all “trendy like.”  Boy, this boot was perfecto!


Cameron: I was really mad my mom didn’t get mine in pink and screamed for hours. Mom is glad that Sorel Footwear has a wonderful return policy and customer service. That way we won’t have fights every day on who gets the pink boots.

The part that Mom likes the best….they are all WATERPROOF!!

Thanks Sorel!! :)

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