January 10th, 2013 in About Me

Sometimes out here I…

  • …can feel very lonely, which results it me getting a little too excited when the library volunteer thinks to invite me to her birthday party.
  • …drive two towns over to buy myself a root beer to remind me of home.
  • …worry about the girls. If they are fulfilled and happy out here.
  • …break down. Because I am not catching on to motherhood of four very well.
  • …don’t know if I can handle homeschooling.
  • …don’t live in the moment and worry too much about what our “next step” is.
  • …use Google Translate to talk to my church friends on Facebook because I get so nervous and mess up talking to them in person.
  • …when I am meeting someone for the first time, putting myself out there, it seems too much for me. And I just want to keep to myself and forget about learning and growing.
  • …get annoyed at the power outages, pool guys not showing up, bug bites, and the heat.
  • …snap so just meanly at my children that I feel disgusting inside.
I have had a rough couple of days. My week started with my husband, I, and a few ladies at church thinking I had caught dengue fever. I was a sick puppy. A couple of days later, after I let out a good sobfest to my husband, I felt better. Although I promised to be honest about living abroad, so here it is!

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