Soldier Hollow Classic

September 21st, 2011 in About Me, Love of Local in Utah

I enjoy being a “dog person” and being married to someone who loves dogs even more than I do. Both of us come from families that don’t love dogs too much, and I don’t remember really talking about our love for dogs when we were dating. But right after we got married, I begged my husband to let me get Honey. Then I watched him train her and learned that he loved to train dogs and that he had done it for years. Then on a whim, we moved to Boston so he could learn even more about dogs. Now he owns successful dog training and dog related companies. Being a dog family has done well for us.

The Solider Hollow Classic is one of the World’s Premier Sheepdog Championships & Festivals, and it’s right here in Utah! So we love to attend.

We love to sit and watch the rehabilitated dogs put on their shows:

We love participating in the wild animal demonstrations:

We wear our cowboy hats to smell the dutch oven cook-off and grab a Moochies sandwich:

And spending time with Daddy is always a huge plus:

And, of course, we love to watch the races of the dogs herding the sheep! They actually were filming a documentary when we were there called Away to Me. Can’t wait to check it out.

Most of all, we love the people…dog people are a less pretentious, show offy, more genuine sort. I like them.

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