Slurpieful Earth Day

April 28th, 2014 in About Me

I texted my sister one day that I was having such an awfully hilarious day that I would blog it for her to read. Here you go, wish granted: 

Sometimes I don’t do age appropriate, smart things with my children. I really enjoy going to museums, trying to attend classes, etc. I dream of the day where all four of my girls can do these things with me. I have found myself lately trying to force this future time span of my life.  It has not turned out well, but I still find myself doing it.

For instance, one woman should not take a 1, 2, 6, and 7 year old to the movies. Sure maybe the 2, 6, and 7 year old. OR even a small baby that has a good demeanor with the three others. But a 1 year old that likes to terrorize with a smile everything around her, don’t bring that one.

But it was Earth Day! And we always go to see the Disney Earth Day movie. Usually we are the only ones in the theatre. I am guessing most children are not excited to just watch animals for an hour and a half in documentary style. Of course I have the most intelligent, trendy, children. Duh.

I decided this on a whim as we were passing the theatre. Saw on my phone a showing was playing in 10 minutes. But no one had eaten lunch, no problem, movie theatres have food, right?


(goodbye date budget)

80 dollars later, I had the tickets and lunch for everyone.


Because obviously I do not recall the ages of my children and how to make smart decisions.

But it was an empty theatre, we could do it, even noisily if we wanted.

I should have walked out when the 2 year old that is a potty training emotional mess had dumped half of her slurpie into my lap.

I should have walked out when the 1 year old dumped her slurpie DOWN THE BACK OF MY HEAD.

I should have walked out when the 1 year old fell down the movie stairs then dumping the last of her slurpie all the way down the stairs and on top of her head.

I should have walked out when 3 out of the 5 of us were now dressed in crusted slurpie goodness.

But, did I mention how everything cost 80 DOLLARS?

SO I sat through that whole movie, yes I did.

Then without any embarrassment I walked next door to the cupcake shop covered in slurpie. I needed to emotionally eat something immediately. So I ordered us cupcakes and we ate them outside on the lawn.

When then a huge rainstorm fell upon us.

Which washed away that slurpie crustiness. And I just sat there in the rain eating my very watery cupcake. I ordered no one to move until we finished every crumb. And we did.


(I should also mention to my sister that while writing this that the 1 year old has written all over the wall in pen. Everywhere, pen. Because one should not blog when all her kids are awake. And when dinner dishes are everywhere. And nothing has been picked up during the day. But I’m taking the day off. After I srub off this pen.) 

I do love these little terrors of mine, I do, I do.


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