Slowly Getting There

March 2nd, 2011 in About Me

I am getting close to the homestretch with this baby. I’m just now entering the extreme “nesting phase” which is good because I have been dragging my feet. Thank goodness my mom and sister ordered me to let them put the crib together, at least. And I finally went out and bought a car seat. Oh goodness me, I just realized I probably need to start thinking of a hospital bag! I should be fired from this getting ready for baby business.

This being our third girl I had no desire to do anymore flowers, butterflies, purple, pink or even too much yellow. Our baby girl will have a room with a lot of 20’s & 30’s fabric prints, mainly in blues & creams with a bit of green & yellow and a touch of birds. I have been so horribly indecisive with everything to do with this baby and looked for a long time at different prints, stores and online to find the perfect baby bedding. In defeat I handed the decision making over to my mom who is doing a beautiful job of making crib bumpers, crib skirts, quilts, etc. I can’t wait to show you what it is going to look like.

Taking down Cameron’s room has been a bit sad, I loved her room and am having a hard time that everyone is growing up and moving and changing. She has moved upstairs to the “loft room” with Abby. We had a closet put in and everything is all set except for hanging up the new lighting.

For about a week, I have been feeling pretty wonderful, other than having a hard time moving around and wondering how this belly could expand even a tinch more. But my back pain, hip pain, cysts, swelling and heartburn has been pretty tolerable.  I have even had a break from most of the throwing up. Who knew I would feel almost the best I have this whole time towards the end? But I’ll take it!

On my list this week is going through all of the girls’ old baby clothes and then deciding what I need to buy, which is probably not too much. I am still looking for two things for sure. Maybe you can help me find them?

What baby swing do you recommend?

I am looking for newborn onesies made out of organic cotton or (even better) organic bamboo. Have you seen any out there?


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