Slime, Giant Outdoor Waterbed & Rainbow Bubble Snakes

July 19th, 2012 in Crafts

My creativity level has gone way down, I tend to do fun craft/art things with the girls very last minute, and I just need someone else to tell me what to do. Pinterest is perfect for this. I have this board I started last year called: Fun Things to Do with the Kids that is a life-saver. We have over 150 things on the board that we want to do together and we have gotten through quite a few!

Pinterest is great to use as a search engine for kids activities, party ideas, recipes, crafts, etc. You will get much better results than using a search engine.

Browsing the board to see if I had any of the ingredients needed for some of the crafts and finding out I had everything for SLIME was a lifesaver the other day:


And yes you have to check out the giant outdoor waterbed and rainbow bubble snakes ideas on the board too. Hopefully if I have the energy we will do those this summer as well.

Fun Things to Do With the Kids Board

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