Sit Down Mom!

Right after I wrote the post about Helping Children Deal with Disappointment I saw this on Sports Center. One more reason, so you don’t get humiliated on national television.

CLEVELAND — It’s not unusual for fans to be on their feet yelling during a game, but when the person who is yelling is the mother of LeBron James, it draws attention.

The incident happened during the fourth quarter of Game 4 in the Cavaliers-Boston series. The Celtics’ Paul Pierce wrapped his arms around LeBron in a bear hug, NewsChannel5’s Joy Benedict reported.

The two tumbled into a crowded front row, right next to LeBron’s mother, Gloria James.

As players ran over to prevent the incident from getting worse, Gloria told Pierce to leave her baby alone.

Benedict said Gloria bowed up on Kevin Garnett, who looked at her like she was crazy.

LeBron screamed at his mom to sit down.

“I told her to sit down, in some language I shouldn’t have used,” he said. “Thank God today wasn’t Mother’s Day. All I could think about is her. I know my mother. It’s fine, we’re good.”

Cavs Wally Szczerbiak came over to give Gloria a high 5, but she was still too upset to notice. Benedict said she was protecting her 6-foot-8 son.

The Cavs and the Celtics play Game 5 at 8 p.m. Wednesday in Boston.

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