Sister Knocked Up

May 1st, 2010 in About Me

Sarah Beara and her Mr. Lucas are PREGGO!

She told everyone by wearing a jacket over this shirt and whipping it open to show us her BABY arrow.

She had an ultrasound this week and sent me this picture from her cell.  I guess a BOY.  Yes, I have already put in a guess!

Oh my, I am in love with my little nephew already. I send Sarah texts like this late at night:

Tell wittle penutpoo nightypoo from auntievanessapoo

I have a prediction she will find this more and more annoying the more pregnant she gets. I already gave her my STACK, I mean STACK of baby books and really great work maternity pants.

Poor girl has the same morning sickness that my mother and I did. Like the kind where you can’t even STOP THE CAR before you have to hurl so you perfect the act of opening it while driving and getting back on with your day. Or the kind that sometimes isn’t even controllable and you WAKE UP IN IT in the middle of the night, or the kind where you are driving and with no warning you are covered in loverlies. Like the kind where you have to be REALLY careful brushing your teeth.

Yeah it’s bad.

But it’s worth it.

My first sibling on my side to become a parent.  Ahh! So excited.

Love you little peanutpoo.

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