Simple Shoes Spring Line

Springtime means NEW SHOES TIME.  For three years in a row, those new shoes have been from the Simple Shoes line for us.

Why Simple Shoes?

#1 I want to be aware of what is in everything I put in/on/around my children and for it to be safe. I want to support companies that take the time to really understand what they are putting in their product.

#2 I want shoes that WILL LAST all of spring/summer/parts of fall until it is too cold to wear them and THEN I want the shoes to fit the next kid. Simple Shoes fulfills this and I can say this with 100% honesty because we have been buying them since the company started!

#3 I am vain and like us to wear shoes that are different than everyone else! I like shoes that make people ooh and ahh at the grocery store and ask me where I got them! (what?! I said it was vain) I like shoes with some personality and fun designs and styles.

But let me tell you why we are REALLY lovin’ their new Spring Line.

What did the girls love?

Abby loved the FUN color! She loved the flower pattern inside the pair of shoes she got, Kid’s Satire. AND she loved that they were comfortable. This girl has a hard time with shoes rubbing her the wrong way or not fitting correctly. We don’t have this problem with the Simple Shoes Brand.

Cameron loved that her shoes, the Doodle,  came in an “elephant purse” and that they were the same color as her sister but a different style for her to show off to everyone.

What did the mom in the house love?

These ties are genius! I can never keep the little one’s shoelaces tied and then they end up getting all muddy or causing the girls to trip!

I always notice the detail that companies pay attention to so I loved the fun patterns inside the shoes and the recycled tire material around the “toe part” of the toddler’s shoes. That part gets scuffed up and yucky looking after one day, but not in these shoes!

I love that the company makes the shoes with recycled material, organic materials and PRIDE. I love that the company is proud of what they are doing to help our world.

My shoes, Women’s Satire, make me feel younger, but grown up enough at the same time.  They are perfect to wear with a pair of jeans or a fun spring skirt. Love them!

Be sure to check out Simple Shoe’s spring line.  It is very high quality, good for the environment and at prices that are affordable. Especially when they last for a few seasons and then onto the next kid!

I received all of these shoes for free in hope of a review, which I just gave because we have been fans for years! Thanks again, Simple Shoes!


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