Silly Things to Keep the Kiddos Happy

Do you have silly things you do to keep the kiddos busy? These are the two things I do with my camera to keep them happy for a good 20 minutes.

Oh the things I have up  my sleeve.  Well, this is I Never Grew Up after all!

#1 Turning Your Kids into Ghosts

Put your kids in a room where there is just a bit of natural light. Turn OFF the flash on your camera. Ask them to stand very still….

…and then start to wiggle around!

Snap the picture and, Voila! GHOSTS!

In no particular order (so I don’t get in trouble with my nieces and nephews)…here are my favorite ghosts:

#2 You Can’t Catch Me

Put on a silly hat.  Be sure to act all serious-like when you pull out your camera. Supply the kiddos with umbrellas and limit them to one room of the house. Try to CATCH THEM with your camera.  If you snap a picture of their face, you win! It is quite hard to do.  Check it out:

What silly things do you have up your sleeve to keep your kiddos happy?


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