Silhouette Thanksgiving Table Runner

November 17th, 2010 in Crafts

I wanted to make something out of the girl’s silhouettes this year and decided to do a Thanksgiving table runner.

NOW! I am not the one to come to for exact instructions and a list of supplies for sewing projects. If you are interested in doing this just use this post as a very, very basic guide.

I measured the table runner to the length and width I wanted for my specific table. I folded and ironed a double hem and sewed it.

Then I took some brown ric rac and sewed it over the hem stitch to hide it and dress up the table liner a bit more.

For the silhouettes there is no way I can get my girls to sit down on a chair and do the flashlight thing on a paper to trace their face. YEAH. Not happening. But I did get them to *kind of* stand so I could get a picture. Then I blew it up to 8×10 size.

I carefully cut the silhouettes out, traced them with a white colored pencil on the fabric and carefully painted it in. Honestly it was not that hard. Just don’t try to do it when anyone is around to bug you.

Lastly, I added wooden buttons and painted on leaves with stencils.

That is it! I don’t have a full picture of the whole runner because I left a space in the middle to add Baby next year.

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