Signs of Summer Nature Walk

May 16th, 2012 in Nature

Trying to spot the signs of summer is a bit trickier than spring and fall! I still remember one year when we went searching for signs of spring in tons of snow.

On our signs of summer nature walk we searched for: rolly pollies, hot spots, dried up dead worms on the sidewalk, sprinklers on, people in bathing suits, sunglasses, birds busy eating, sound of crickets, shadows from the sun, butterflies, flowers burning up from the sun, shady spots, dandelions, and the girls thought up some more that we found along the way.

I love going out with the girls and teaching them to smell, feel, see, and listen to nature. We just simply put a checklist on a clipboard. Although I did find this really great Summer Nature Walk Senses Scavenger Hunt that you could simply print out.

It was a fun afternoon:

Also a big thank you to Desert News for the shout out.
Last week I was also in the Salt Lake Tribune, article here.


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