Shopping: Saturday—We love (clap clap clap) Tiny Sprouts (clap clap clap)

Ok for some reason everything in my house this week has been done in cheer, so I couldn’t help myself.


To be honest most often I find personalized embroidered kids clothing a little tacky.

Not Tiny Sprouts.

All handmade from the embroidery to the hand dying of the shirts. The pique and corduroy dresses are adorable and come in an array of cute colors. The cloth is so soft and cuddly and is a very high quality of cotton. The colors they have as options for threads and cloth are beautiful and calming colors.

It is the perfect place to purchase an affordable, original welcome home gift for a new baby. They have everything from blankets and pillows to sunhats and kimonos.

The website itself is very easy to navigate through, it is put together so well. The photographs of everything, even down to the thread are so well done.

Tracey (the owner) is SUPERB at getting back to emails, awesome customer service at Tiny Sprouts.

Giving back is also important to the company, from March of Dimes to Feed the Children, it is incentive to buy from them even more, as if you already didn’t have enough reasons.

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