She is BACK

July 3rd, 2010 in Life

10 days ago my baby sister came home from her mission in the Manchester, New Hampshire area for the Mormon Church. She was gone for 18 months. For quite a few weeks after she left I would bust out in spontaneous crying and Abby would always ask, “Oh you are sad Laura’s gone?” She wasn’t really even asking.  She was more pointing out the obvious that we both knew.

We MISSED her.

Let me try to explain Laura and her personality to you. She is everyone’s secret “favorite” (Whatever. You know it’s true, all of you.) and her personality is a mix between Piglet and the youngest sister in Little Women, Amy. Look, you all love her already after I explained it that way.

The spontaneous bursts of crying happend two days up to her homecoming.  It was almost funny; actually it was.

But LAURA was the one bawling her eyes out while getting farther and farther down that escalator at the airport. And then finally we were back together.

It was like she was never even gone.  The girls climbed up in her lap back in their normal place and cuddled against her.  Now we come to the house and she is running down the stairs as fast as she can to say hello.

BUT she is even better. She is more confident, well spoken and she glows brighter.

A Mission will do that to you.

Welcome home, Laura Lou.


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