Sharing is Caring Update

November 21st, 2008 in About Me

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We received the information on our Sub for Santa families and are having a ball picking out the perfect clothing, book and toys for all the little kids we have.

I am proud of my baby girl. It is hard for her to go to different stores, check out Barbie Dolls, Curious George books, pink tennis shoes and them not to be for her. She is learning about sacrifice, patience, love and to care for others. She was very insistent on what Barbie one of the little girls needed to have, I am glad she is thinking about others and that we are broadening her view of the world and teaching her to think of others before herself. I hope we are teaching her the real magic and importance of the holidays.

Here is a slide show of our first shopping trip and my husband making the Sub for Santa calls:

It is not to late to help United Way in their urgent need for hosting a Sub for Santa family, click on the Sharing is Caring button for more information.

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