Shae’s Farm Birthday Party

October 15th, 2016 in Parties

Shae asked to have a bunny birthday party. When I was looking around to see if there was a company that could bring bunnies to pet for a party, I found a traveling farm. A traveling farm! Well that needed to happen. Shae at school was friends with all of the boys in her class. They were all so sweet to her, let her play with them, and were so kind to her. The girls in her class had a lot of drama that year. Shae really keeps her distance from anything that has even a little bit of stress of conflict. So she asked if she could invite her school friends AND her neighborhood friends. I said yes but did not realize how huge of a party that would be. I pulled it off but I don’t know if I can ever do that again.


Shae and I have birthdays two days apart. Something I loved about where my birthday fell in the year is that sometimes I got to have Easter parties as birthday parties. So I asked her if she would like to have an Easter egg hunt at her birthday party. She loved the idea and I went to town finding the best stuffed Easter eggs I could online for the party.

Most of the party was going to be in the backyard so I just put up some simple directions inside for the theme.

Her cake was perfect for her party, and HUGE, and heavy! She picked a chocolate chip cookie flavor.

The farm that came had a donkey, bunnies, chinchillas, tortoise, bunnies, pig, chicks, and a goat.
I had to split up the kids so half were in the petting farm and the other half were playing games with our babysitters.

The kids got bunny ears and to go on an Easter egg hunt for party favors. The Easter egg hunt was a hit and the kids sat on quilts while going through their eggs.

This is the first birthday party in a long time where people brought presents. Holy moly, that was a lot of presents!

Here is a little video from the party and a group picture. It was fun to see all of the boys that Shae loves and that were so kind to her during her school year.

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