Shae’s 3rd Birthday

April 27th, 2014 in About Me, Parties

Shae’s birthday fell on Abby’s baptism day. Since neither of them seemed to mind I set up both parties in the house. In the living room it was a My Little Pony party and in the dining area it was a baptism luncheon.

Shae is very interested in birthdays. All year long she is so thrilled for everyone’s birthdays. But she also patiently asks, “Shae’s birthday?” She has been waiting and waiting. Now that hers is done she is asking who is next. I told her it was Grandma, so now everyday she wakes up and asks about Grandma’s birthday.

I love that Cameron asked us to start this breakfast in bed tradition last year. It ends up being my girls’ favorite thing. Look how healthy this breakfast is! Chocolate milk with piles of donuts! I love that this tray my grandfather made it and that it has their birthday flowers to decorate it.

breakfasttray breakfastinbed breakfastinbedforever

Reagan and Shae stayed in that bed for quite awhile eating their little hearts out.

Then we opened presents before the craziness of the day started. I’ll link to where you can buy the dresses and the blocks because I was so happy with those presents. Something to read, play with, pretty, and to read.

presents presenthelpers


Her birthday cake featured RAINBOW DASH! Who she pretends to be. She will stand on the couch and say in a low grumbly voice, “I’m RAINBOW DASH!” Then she will pretend to zoom off in the air.


Every time I brought up her birthday I would tell her about her cake. She would reply with, “and a cupcake?” No sweetie mommy is getting you A CAKE, but I got the same reply. So I bought one single cupcake on that day and of course, it is all she wanted.



Man I think these other kids of mine are just going to get recycled birthday parties. Doesn’t this one look familiar?




Her attendees were her sweet sisters and cousins. Other than Mason not being there, everyone was there that she wanted!

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel.



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