Shae’s 2nd Birthday

April 18th, 2013 in About Me, Parties

Shae I think spent her second birthday not sure what was going on. Why she was wearing a crown, why she was getting all this extra attention, and why there suddenly was a party in her house. She didn’t seem confused by having cupcakes, that part seemed perfectly normal to her.

Her morning started with me scooping her right out of bed as soon as she began to stir. I whispered happy birthday to her and smothered her in kisses. I put on her special birthday shirt adored with a number 2 and balloons flowing from it. I had ordered this bright pink felt crown that had velcro on it to make the numbers interchangeable. She wore it with pride and we ran outside to take her birthday pictures. It was very early in the morning, I wanted to get it done with the light was perfect and everyone in the house was still sleepy. Shae wouldn’t let me take her bunny from her so all of her pictures had her clutching him while grinning.

I thought about how much I loved her. I thought about the day I stood in the store waiting for my bread to be cut. And I looked down and went to pick up a baby from the cart that was not there. While standing there I knew that she was to come and soon there would be a little sweet thing for me to pick up from the grocery cart. Who knew she would dazzle me so? With her reflection pool eyes, perfect rosy lips, adorable grin, and a swoop of perfectly placed freckles. I spend every day disappointed that I cannot hold you more and give you even more kisses. So some nights you stay up with me so I can just hold you and love on you. Daddy and I always whisper to each other, “That one, that one is our favorite” while we both look at you. That is probably awful for parents to say, but you sure are a dazzler and at the perfect age. Old enough to not be too needy but young enough not to sass.

I remember asking all your sisters, “What would Shae want to eat during the day for her birthday?” Everyone jokingly said cookies, cupcakes, sugar, chocolate, something sweet! So I bought you a box of really gross Cookie Crisp for your breakfast and made your favorite smoothie. You also Skyped with both set of grandparents during the morning. You opened your gifts from them and also from your sisters. Cameron was so excited to give you a tea set and Abby was excited to give you a blow up frog chair.

Then Daddy took you to the farmers market all alone so we could set up for your party. For a few nights before I worked hard on re-creating Yo Gabba Gabba characters to hang on the wall. I wanted them to be poster sized and for you to squeal in delight when you saw them.

We put some color coordinating fabric on the table, tossed some candy everywhere, and placed out your cupcakes. Boy did they taste horrid but they went along with your favorite show and music: YO GABBA GABBA!

We began your party with a performance. When you were gone at the farmers market your sisters and I practiced it over and over to get the timing just right. Each of us had a character shirt on from your favorite show. I was Muno, Abby was Broobe, Cameron was Plex, Reagan was Toode, and you were to be Foofa. I had the soundtrack to the opening music in the show and we hid in the hallway. As the music played and each character was introduced we came out from behind the wall. We swung around your shirt during the music. Then when it was over we put the shirt on you and did the dance again with you.

Oh it was so perfect!

You opened your presents from us; something to play with was some Yo Gabba Gabba pool squirters, something to wear was Foofa Vans, something pretty was some Yo Gabba Gabba rings, and something to read was two Yo Gabba Gabba books. Obviously as you can tell, you were in Yo Gabba Gabba heaven. The Foofa shoes were your favorite, you have not stopped wearing them since.

We blasted Yo Gabba Gabba music the whole time and did some freeze dancing and hide and seek. Your sisters made a special accessory for each of the characters on the wall. Then we used them to play “Pin the crown/wand/hat/etc. on Foofa/Broobee/etc. Your sisters had such a ball helping with your party.

Baby girl, your birthday ended sadly. But as Poki always says, “No Matter”, no matter is right. I am sad that my camera and computer were stolen. I don’t like what happened, or how it happened, or anything. I am sad your day ended like that instead of you getting to stay up with me and be cuddled to death. Like I do with all my girls on their birthdays. I am heartbroken that I don’t have pictures (other than these grainy backwards TAB photos) to document this day. But “No Matter” I have written all about it and love my dazzling girl more than I can say.

Happy Birthday my love.

shaes2ndbday from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

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