Shae’s 1st Birthday–A Bunny Party!

April 17th, 2012 in Parties

Shae sleeps with her beloved bunny every night, her birthday is in April, my own 1st birthday was bunny themed…what could be more perfect than a bunny party for Shae’s 1st birthday?

Decor: The same celebration wreath, tablecloths and tea supplies that I have been using for 3+ years now at every party! Pink balloons that I turned into bunnies very quickly and we painted our faces like bunnies. The tea party table was adorned with all the stuffed bunnies that we could find in the house. 

Games: Hop Hop BUNNY (duck duck goose), Bunny dance, egg hunt (no candy just confetti eggs) and Bunny Says (Simon Says). We didn’t do all of these because Shae was not feeling the games, and we do what birthday girl wants! We did also have a Tea Bunny Party and read books about bunnies. 

Food: I bought some cupcakes and just added ears by melting white candy bark on a toothpick, then when it was dry adding a bit of pink candy bark on top. then I stuck them into the cupcakes, the bunny face wrappers I printed out from here


Shae loved playing with her gifts, having Becca, Emma, Lydia, Grandma & her sisters there. I tried to help her celebrate the day by holding her most the day and letting her stay up. She laid on my bed, played peek-a-boo with Honey and sweetly petted her. Then she went to bed. Here is the beautiful birthday girl on her 1st birthday!

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