Saved, 9 Bags and Two Toddlers

August 17th, 2010 in About Me, Our Travels Worldwide

I heard lots of words I have never heard a certain person say come out of certain someone’s mouth. We won’t say who that someone was because, after all, it COULD have been me or the Delta employee that obviously detested us.

Then it happened.  After looking at full flight after full flight they found one that would get us in Panama only 10 minutes later than our previous schedule.

Hallelujah.  I can’t even believe I was ready to throw in the towel.  And my husband automatically felt like it was Christmas morning again.

First to Houston.  Then to Panama City.

The girls did absolutely fabulous on the plane rides.  I mean, they were BORN to be Jet Babies.

We ran around Houston airport like chickens with our heads cut off.  It was good that we had a longer layover because we needed it.  Have you ever landed in Terminal A and had to make it to Terminal E…do you know it involves a bus and then a train?

With 9 bags and two toddlers.  Don’t know if you remember that part….thought I would remind you.

But they are troopers.  These kids, as I said: Jet Babies to the 10th degree.

1st thing I learned about those 9 bags.  Never to do it like that again.

Tyler wanted to have everything as a carry on so we would not have to check baggage.

Terminal A to Terminal E.

9 bags

2 toddlers

Check the baggage next time and have 2 or 3 bags to carry around for hours.

After getting the rental car, waiting in the customs line and hearing the big STAMP on all four of our passports, we were ready.

The girls were unraveling by then and in the “silly” stage. You know the silly, giggly, horseplay stage that can in any moment crack into complete meltdown and uncontrollable tears.  We didn’t get to that part because I let them get their silliness out. They rolled around all over that dirty airport floor. And I didn’t care.

Finally we were put in a car, handed a key and sent on our way to find the Marriott hotel that was only a mere 12 miles away.

Who knew 12 miles would be such an adventure?

Oh wait.  You already did?  Downtown Panama late at night?

Well just shush then.  Don’t worry.  You will see we learned our lesson.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s story.


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