Saturday: Shopping—The Danger of Build-A-Bear

The Danger of Build a Bear

The mall is out to get us Mom’s…seriously why are they so mean??

Trying to get your pictures done at Kiddie Kandids is hard enough, but WHY do they have to place Build a Bear right across from it. So the whole time you are trying to get your toddler to smile they are screaming, “BBBEEEAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!”

And the accessories at that place…..who knew a bear had to have all of these silly things! A bike??? A bed?!?! Shoes?!?! A HALOWEEN COSTUME!!! Endless outfits, backpacks, even underwear! Seriously if my daughter got her teddy bear decked out it would be a good 150.00 when we were done.

But we go….and we even spend the extra money to have a recording put in but I WILL NOT buy the accessories, I refuse. The whole time we are in the store, I am standing in-between my daughter and all of the extra things, just hoping she will not notice as she is bathing and stuffing her doll.

She hasn’t, she is to little, but someday Build a Bear will become a real danger. And at all costs we are going to try to avoid ever having a birthday party there.

But who I am kidding, the girl is so persuasive and she is barley two :)


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