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January 3rd, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

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The thought of shopping or adding more toys to an already overstuffed playroom is not something that excites me at the moment. WE HAVE ENOUGH. We really do have more than enough.

I have been thinking for a little while of what to do present-wise at my daughter’s three year old birthday party that is coming up. It is in a couple of months and it will be her first “friend” party.

A few months ago I read about a boy who for his whole life has done something very special at each of his “friend” birthday parties. Instead of keeping the presents that his friends give him he donates them to charity. I have also heard of asking people to bring donations to charity in place of a gift, everything from shoes to money. You can see examples of children doing “Charity Birthday Parties” here, here and here.

What do you think about this idea? I can think of so many wonderful reasons to do this but have a few worries. Do you think it takes away from the child’s birthday? Do you think it is tacky to tell people what to bring in place of a present? Do you think it might be pushing the child into doing something he might not want to do?

Those are a few of my worries although overall I would really love to start this tradition. I would ideally love to have my children pick the charity that they would like to help that year, to learn more about the organization and the issues that need their help. I would also want to have a couple presents from Mom & Dad and Grandparents that are for them to keep. Have not made up my mind yet, what do you think?

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