Saturday: Shop!—My Daughter’s Birthday Presents

March 14th, 2009 in About Me, Saturday: Shopping!

We are busy at my house having fun celebrating my daughter’s third birthday. My husband and I decided after this year’s Christmas to do presents a little differently. Gabrielle Blair aka Design Mom wrote this wonderful article on the 3-Gift Guideline during Christmas. We decided to implement her idea into our family of buying the children three gifts each for Christmas AND Birthdays. “Something to Read,” “Something to Wear” and “Something to Play With” are the three categories to buy presents under. We put our own spin on it and decided to add one more category, “Something Pretty to Look At.”

I have really enjoyed shopping for presents this way, the gifts are more geniune, have a lot more thought put into them and will not add more “junk” to our home.

Something to Wear

Matching Apple Print Rain boots, Raincoat and an Umbrella from the Gymboree Spring Line.

Something to Play With

I was really excited for this one, she has been talking almost a whole year about a “butterfly kite” this will be the best thing to play with this spring.

Something to Read

 Two books to help her develop her ballet techniques! Available through eeboo and Usborne.

Something Pretty to Look At

Letting go – Giclee Print on Wood from an Original Painting by Sascalia

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