Saturday: Shop!—Handmade Christmas #8

December 6th, 2008 in Saturday: Shopping!

Abby is running around the house saying, “I hope Santa gets me DRESS UP!!!!” Yes! Score for Santa because that is her big present this year.

The plan was to have my mother make some dresses and to steal some dresses from my old dress up box at her house. But the poor woman has one month notice to throw my sister a wedding so I decided to relive her of that duty. She did find all of my old Halloween costumes and dress up box. That along with the great selection the dollar store had of wigs, hats, tutus, bandannas and wings will be more than enough.

The girls will have such fun getting dressed and keeping their clothes in this:

Guidecraft Dress-up Carousel Pastel

Dress Up Carousel

My goal is to throughout the year make the girls extra dresses to put in the Dress Up Carousel. This will be my first project with my goal being to give it to them in March. You can see how to make this Tinkerbell Fairy dress at SewDelish.

Tinkerbell fairy costume tinker bell Tink disney sew make

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