Saturday: Shop!—Going Out to Eat as a Family

March 21st, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

My husband and I are huge “foodies” and we love to try new resturants as a family. When our friends decided to open up their own resturant a few minutes away we were estatic! Blue Lemon is our new favorite spot to go out to eat as a family and on date nights.

Other than the owners being our friends, there are many many reasons why we love it…

Healthy—My girls have special dietary needs and Blue Lemon satisfies those. They believe in healthy, clean food and serve many vegan and vegetarian options. Serving healthy dishes does NOT take away from the flavor and delish taste of their food!

Eco-Friendly—Caring for the environment is something Blue Lemon prides itself in, all of their packaging and food selections are eco-friendly. Their paper goods are made from corn and they promote healthy living.

Family Friendly—The dining room is very spacious and the seating is perfectly spaced and designed to accommodate all different ages in your family. Their children’s menu is superb; they put a great deal of thought into all of their children’s food items.

Affordable—Blue Lemon is a very high end looking restaurant; they bus the tables and bring the food to you. However, their menu prices are extremely affordable.

Fresh—Blue Lemon PRIDES themselves on serving fresh produce, seafood; everything is clean, fresh but with a fun twist!

Unique—It is a fun place to come to because it is outside the norm, it is unique! I have been many many times and every time we go it feels like a fun new experience!

Modern—The restaurant has a very modern but warm feel. From the music playing in the background to the décor everything is put together with class.

I brought along a few friends to try it out with me the other night and we all had a blast! To read about their experience at Blue Lemon you can follow them on Twitter or visit their blogs!



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