Saturday: Shop!—Boot Scoot Bikes

May 2nd, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

Have you heard of these Boot Scoot Bikes? I hadn’t, but when I started asking neighbors, friends, family, TONS of them had and told me I most definitely needed to get one for my 3 year old. I was a little apprehensive…was she really old enough to ride a two-wheeler?

They would quickly tell me yes, she most definitely could ride a Boot Scoot Bike and it would be easier for both of us if she did. They are made without pedals because the kids use their own “boots” to “scoot” themselves along. It helps them develop their balance better than using training wheels and everyone assured me she would have a ball. I was very skeptical because she hadn’t yet figured out how to ride her tricycle! :)

All of this is hard to explain without SEEING the bike in action, so watch the video below:

You know what? Friends and family were right! Abby LOVES her pink “Zoomer” bike and I love that it isn’t as complex or tricky as riding a two-wheeler with training wheels. I am so glad I listened to everyone and tried it out! I can be too much of a worrier sometimes!

Take some time to read about the Boot Scoot Bikes and give one a try!. You can find them on my friend Quinn’s site, Created by Mom.

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