Saturday:Shopping!—A Must Have Parenting Book

Scream Free Parenting by Hal Runkel

I discovered this author one morning on my local radio show.

He used to do a spot right after my husband’s radio spot ( and I decided to check out his book. Some of my friend’s had heard of him through the Today show, where he has appeared a few times.
His book is called “revolutionary” I just think it is basic common sense. But sometimes we need to be reminded of common sense and the correct way to act.His writing style is to the point, humorous and very clear. He gives very good real life examples, including a hilarious one in a waffle house. But I don’t want to give to much away, it really is a book to buy and read throughout your children’s lives.Some of his big points/theories are:”Judo Parenting.” Judo is “the art of going with another’s momentum.” A ScreamFree parent facilitates rather than dictates; he encourages his children to use their own resources to solve problems. By helping kids to get in the habit of making their own decisions and living with the consequences, parents will be more likely to launch “self-directed” adults.

Parents cannot keep tabs on their kids 24/7, nor can they force their children to consistently behave in a certain way. Therefore, mothers and fathers would be better off learning to focus on how they react to their children’s words and actions.

ScreamFree™: learning to relate with your kids in a calm, cool, and connected way, taking hold of your own emotional responses no matter how your children choose to behave; learning to focus on yourself and take care of yourself for your family’s benefit, giving your children the best chance to grow into self-directed adults.

If you are not in control, you CANNOT be in charge.

Mr. Runkle focuses the rest of his book on concrete ways parents can keep their cool. He gently nudges the reader towards calmer parenting by teaching through example, and continually building his case for healthier approaches to conflict. He does this through educating parents about what they’re kids need from them, and then reminds them that they are the ones who set the tone in their home.

In the chapter Let the Consequences Do the Screaming, he reminds parents about consequences, and shows parents how to enforce them (directly and indirectly) without screaming. He believes that screaming gets in the way of natural consequences, and also needlessly creates more of them.

I HIGHLY recommend this book, it can be purchased at or

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