June 26th, 2011 in local, Love of Local in Utah

As you guys know, the beautiful Emily and I co-own where we go out with friends twice a month to review local Utah companies. It is fun. I mean, free GNOs for us! But it is work running the site so this is the last update for a few months. We take time off from going out and writing during the summer months. I was going to go out to the Rich’s Burger & Gourmandise review night but Baby Shae had an awful tummy ache. But I already know that I ADORE Gourmandise. I did make it out to Harmons and hopefully can get back to going out again to reviews in the fall.

Let me give you a recap on what they featured over the past month:

First, Rich’s Burgers in Salt Lake. I am not much of a burger gal (Food Inc. ruined me) but this is now on my hubby’s list to try. So if you are into burger joints, you’ll have to read all about it here and then enter the post to win a gift card here.

Second, Gourmandise Bakery in Salt Lake. I think I found this place about 2 years ago and it is in my top three bakeries (Les Madeleines and Carluccis being the other two). I got my husband loving the place and then my mom followed. Then my sisters and then my brothers and then my brother in law…oh, and my two other sisters in law love the place as well! It is YUMMY. You know what I really love? They are a bakery that is open LATE so you can go after seeing a movie or after a late walk downtown. Their cakes…oh la la…you guys…the Black & White cake and Chantilly Lace cake should be gobbled up by everyone in Utah.  A whole cake for a special event costs around $40, which I think is a killer price for the size and the quality of the cake. Let’s see, what else do we love…their cookies, their fruit tarts, actually everything we have tried in the dessert department. ALTHOUGH, they also serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and I wasn’t impressed when I had their “meal food.” The Sassies totally disagreed with me in their review. You’ll have to read it here and then enter the giveaway here.

Those are the owners, Bob and Randy

Third, HARMONS! Yay, a review I actually went to! I wrote a very, very biased preview post on the place because it is where I shop (there and Whole Foods). You’ll have to read that post and also the “recipe” post I did with only Harmons ingredients…Shrimp & Chorizo Quesadillas anyone?

Lastly, before our summer break the Sassies are featuring one final place…something to do with exercising with scarves and poles? I don’t know, but you’ll definitely have to check out their review this week to see what they were up to that night 😉 Check it all out at or on our Facebook page

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