Sassy Scoops

December 4th, 2009 in About Me

Have I talked about Sassy Scoops on my blog? I don’t know if I have! I am crazy and that is another site I help run along with Quinn, Emily and our five brand new Sassies.


You guys know I love local.  I love buying local, eating local and supporting local.  So we started this site to support local Utah businesses. It really has been such fun.  I love the ladies and the businesses we feature. They are HONEST reviews and there have actually been a couple of places I have not enjoyed.  But overall, we’ve visited such great Utah companies!

If you live in Utah, visit Utah or have friends and family in Utah, please help me spread the word about our site!

You can also friend us on facebook here:


Thanks for all the support.  We have way too much fun over there.  You will have to check it out! 😉 Now if you ever are wondering where to find a yoga studio, where to go out for date night or what fun thing to do with the family, you can go to Sassy Scoops!


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