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August 12th, 2013 in About Me

I’m the oldest in my family and Sarah is the sister right under me, we are 2 years and 3 months apart. We fought pretty bad growing up and I was nasty to her as a teenager. I still feel bad. My favorite thing about her is that she doesn’t take crap. And that she married a really sweet man. Oh and maybe that she had my two nephews, I like that a lot too.

Sarah is the only one in the universe that can come to my house and I don’t “prep” for her. Sure she might think to herself, holy moly her kids are a mess and why does her kitchen look like this? But the difference with her is that she would just jump in and help. And that she wouldn’t feel gain any satisfaction over my shortcomings. Also I know that she wouldn’t self righteously say to others what my shortcomings are like it is a prized secret. Most importantly I just know she loves me and doesn’t care about anything else. (I am not saying that my other loved ones would do the other things–sometimes I can be insecure in my head)

She was here in Utah for two months while her husband completed some high stress training for his job in Texas. Sarah spent some time with her in-laws in a different part of Utah some of the time. Then we left to California during her time here and had visitors from California during her time here as well. So on all the other days I spent every single day with her and my sweet nephews. We planned the heck out of the summer!

To celebrate her birthday we went out to dinner later at night without kids LIKE GROWNUPS DO. And to celebrate my ruined 30th birthday and her 28th birthday we went ziplining in Provo. I was nervous the whole time and she wasn’t a bit.

I love that finally a sibling of mine is catching up to me in life; done with college, has some kiddos, experiencing mom life.

Speaking of siblings one night we all went out as siblings to dinner. Jonathan is still on his mission in Nicaragua and we missed him. We were counting the number of times the waitress touched my little brother’s arm. It is like his three older sisters don’t look scary enough or something. I worry a lot about if we will be close when everyone is on their own, fully busy in their own lives. I still worry a lot about it but being together eased that worry a bit.

Man, I am going to miss her family…

And loving on these sweet two nephews of mine…

Love you Sarah Beara!

I took all these pretty pictures, if I do say so myself. 

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