Santa Throughout the Years

January 2nd, 2012 in About Me

I gotta be honest… visiting Santa is not my favorite thing to do. Why do I keep doing it?

The only good Santa is the one who kind of reminds me of our Uncle Paul.

But here we go…

*Santa Throughout the Years*


Don’t remember if Abby went to see Santa at 8 months old… anyone remember? Mom?


Just Abby at 20 months. 2 month old Cameron was fast asleep

2008 Santa 

Abby 2 1/2 years & Cameron 1 year

2009 Santa

Abby 3 years & Cameron 2 years

2010 Santa

Abby 4 years & Cameron 3 years

2011 Santa

Abby 5 years, Cameron 4 years & Babydoll Shae 7 months

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