SansBug Tent Review

April 21st, 2010 in Children Product Reviews

The girls were peering over my shoulder one day while I checked emails and pointed at this SansBug tent I was asked to review.  They said they HAD to have it! It is a really cool looking tent.  I watched the video on how incredibly easy it is to pop up and fold down so I thought I would give it a try.

The quality of the tent is fabulous.  The way it is set up is perfect for the girls and they have fun playing around inside. But I thought to myself, ‘Sure, it’s a great tent but would we actually USE it in our daily life?  Would we use it for fun summer trips and would it be worth it?’ At first, their pitch of letting your kids enjoy nature completely in the tent so they don’t get bothered by bugs was weird to me. It still is; might not be my favorite pitch, but we really have used it for some great things…

  • The girls and I went on a mini hike and we were playing by the water while the sun was shining bright. They wanted to sit, eat their snack and read some books but I was getting worried that they might need some relaxing time.  I was thinkingwe needed to head on back so no one would get sunburned.  Plus, the bugs by the water were annoying the girls while they ate their snacks. I happened to have that SansBug tent in the trunk, so I popped it out! It gave us a good extra half hour with no worries, simply spending time together outside.
  • It is windy here in the early spring and the girls love going outside to read, color or just talk. Being able to sit in their tent and paint so their papers didn’t all fly away was great.  They would unzip and pop out for a bit, run around, then jump back in the tent!
  • I love the quality and set up of the tent for a future camping trip, even if it’s just in the backyard. Man, the set up and take down is so easy.  Plus, the girls can get out and in on their own!  And the tents are so easy to pack up and carry.  They are extremely light.
  • We will use it for future vacations.  We go to Panama in…116 days and I am bringing this along. Our vacation is going to be spent just relaxing on the beach and this is going to be the perfect thing for when the girls want to sit and relax, take a nap, eat some snacks, etc. without the whole family having to pack up and head back up to the house.

The SansBug Tentsare designed for single, double or triple occupancy. Features include an oversized, single-zip, easy-access entry, durable mesh freestanding walls, tough polyethylene flooring, two pegs for extra stability and a water-resistant carrying case. They have used fiberglass poles in place of steel rods to thwart corrosion while dramatically boosting portability and durability. It is a great eco-friendly option out there for a family tent! The price is spot on too, be sure to check them out!

I recieved a Sansbug Tent in exchange for this review.


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