San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

February 4th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

Remember how Tyler drove from Utah to Costa Rica?

Crazy guy.

Well after that long drive and staying many nights in different cities, driving through different parts of each country he found a gem. A gem that he said was his favorite place he saw the whole trip. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Lucky for us it was on our way to Granada so on the way back we spend a couple of hours there.

I can see why it is his favorite. From what I saw of the city and neighborhoods, it is incredibly clean and the colors are beautiful. The beach is also incredibly clean, and I loved the sand. Ex-pats and tourism is there but just the right amount to where you have great restaurants but the local charm isn’t gone.

A bad thing about Central America, traveling or living here is being sold to all the time. They see white people, they see Americans and all they see are dollar signs. Which is completely understandable but it also gets quite old. While we were in San Juan Del Sur we didn’t have that problem. Boy, it was a nice break.

After doing a bit more investigating on what options they have for kids (classes, schools, etc.) I would move here in a heartbeat. I would come here on vacation, I would do all my visa runs here. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua is a gem in Central America.

Over the beach, high on a hill, is a statue of Jesus. He is pointing out towards the ocean and I was itching to get a good picture of it. But our poor mini van, which is much too low to the ground for living here in Central America, couldn’t make the trip. But I did get some beautiful far away shots.

Beautiful town! Tyler’s favorite out of everything he saw, such a fun afternoon all together.

That last picture is just to prove that Reagan is with us. Poor kid never is pictured because she is always attached to me, who doesn’t get pictured either!

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