Monday: Weekly Family Activity—Sun and Moon

October 20th, 2008 in Monday: Weekly Family Activity

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I am trying to teach the girls to be thankful for all of the wonderful things around them.

Sun and Moon.

Day and Night.

I teach them of the very basic reasons we need day, night, the sun and moon.


-The Sun gives us warmth and energy.

-It helps the plants with what it needs to give us oxygen. It makes the beautiful plants on the Earth grow.

-It gives us light to play and be together.
Moon Pictures, Images and Photos


-Tidal pools–the gravitational pull pulls at the water and causes the tides which makes those amazing tide pools.

I tell ya when you hear your daughter say thankyou for such amazingly beautiful things in her prayers it makes you just glow :)

For a fun experiment to go along with this you could take a dark piece of construction paper, places things of nature on top of it, leave it in the sunlight for a few hours and see what the sun does to the paper!

For an even more amazing sunlight experiment you can buy SunPrint Paper from Kindred Learning. What it does is this, “The Sun Print kit lets you experience a chemical reaction triggered by sunlight. Place a fern, flower, or other object on the special paper, and set it in the sun. Rinse the paper in water, and watch as a beautiful, long-lasting image appears.”

I also made an extremely simple display of the sun and the moon out of pipe cleaners so I could hold their attention a little better.


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