Running Away to the Red Rocks

October 30th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

I told Tyler if we both want to survive this month, we need to take time to run away as a family and just relax. He told me he really didn’t think he would have time, and he would be too stressed to actually relax. But I held strong! We were going to go to either Sun Valley, ID; Yellowstone; Jackson Hole; Las Vegas; Moab or just stay downtown in Salt Lake City. But I waited too long to book something…the only things left were places that cost thousands of dollars a night or really run-down cheap places. Every spot was booked up — except for one room in St. George. Even though that was last on our list (mainly because we just have been so many times), we made our way down there.

There is something about warm weather, red rocks, swimming in the hotel pool, lounging about watching movies and eating out instead of cooking.


One night we went to bed at 8:30! We probably both fell asleep before our girls did. Super exciting and romantic.

Both Tyler and I finished a whole book.  Now *THAT* is a sign of a true vacation for us.

The bad thing was I didn’t want to leave. I was begging Tyler to just have us stay two more days! I do have to say, though, St. George needs to up it’s “foodie status.” We found the old brick prison that was for sale in the town square, and decided we are going to open a cafe to help out the city of St. George. Yes…I am sure we will be able to fit that into our sched.

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