Running Away to Green Canyon

June 24th, 2011 in About Me, Nature

I love Logan. Yes I do, I do. We ran away to Logan during the summer and fall last year and it was time to do it again. I always know it’s time to run away to Logan when I start pulling my hair out here at home. I wish my husband really realized how low maintenance I am…I mean, really, I get so excited and refreshed by just going 2 1/2 hours away to LOGAN. Anywho, it was a wonderful trip. My sister, nephew and brother in law live up there and are really into the outdoors. There are so many beautiful canyons up there and it was time to explore one.

This time, we went to Green Canyon. Oh, and it is by far my favorite from what I have seen up there.

Look at that! Since the babies were snoozing in the minivan, we put all the windows down and went on a little walk in a big circle around the van.

I couldn’t help myself from skipping through the flowers! I am just sad my sister didn’t get a shot of me mid jump!

Look at the beautiful flowers:

See? How could coming here not make you feel better?

Our trips also always include: Firehouse Pizza, swimming in the hotel pool, farmer stands/farmers markets/summerfest and Aggie Icecream. Oh, also silly string and staying up super late, having a GIRLS NIGHT! This time, the girls night included the aforementioned silly string, Radio Disney (heaven help me), Phineus and Ferb, bracelet making and eating way too much junk food.

I love running away.


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